Straightforward retirement planning with Parmenion

Our straightforward Retirement proposition, coupled with your expertise, can give clients greater comfort that they can achieve their retirement goals, despite the potential impact of market volatility on their money, the uncertainty around how long they’ll live and the inevitability of changing circumstances.

Our proposition comprises three essential elements for improved client outcomes and suitability. We combine a range of risk-graded portfolios specifically designed to cope with the challenges of pension decumulation with an easy-to-use income management tool and award-winning SIPP.

Guardian: Risk-graded portfolios proven to smooth the journey through retirement

Aimed specifically at investors in retirement, we’ve designed our Guardian investment portfolios to reduce downside risk and maintain capital growth, with the aim of providing a sustainable income in retirement.

Helping you to manage volatility, liquidity and longevity, Guardian portfolios are regularly rebalanced to bring the asset allocation back to their target weights if market movements have caused them to drift.

Create a plan in less than ten minutes

With our Income Manager Tool (IMT) you can create a retirement plan for your client in less than ten minutes, making it easier to prepare for client reviews. Powered by Hymans Robertson, one of the longest established actuarial firms in the UK, it draws on one of the most sophisticated data sets in the market.

Create client plans and test different scenarios and decumulation strategies in moments. The resulting plan is a simple, visual, personalised view that demonstrates how long your clients might need an income for, how much income they’re likely to need and the viability of their current financial plan.

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Award-winning SIPP from Parmenion

Our SIPP integrates with our investment solutions to give your clients access to a full range of flexible savings, drawdown options and income frequencies.

What's more, with no additional wrapper charges for platform users and full online access to plans, it’s one of the most cost effective, fully-featured pension wrappers in the UK.

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